Based on the book Healing With Dreams by George Rhatigan

With Eileen O’Sullivan & George Rhatigan Saturday October 21st from 2pm to 5pm

Common Ground Bray, O’Rahilly Hall, Church Terrace, Main Street, Bray, A98 P3V2.

This is a fundraiser for Common Ground with a suggested donation of 10 euros.

How do dreams relate to the Law of Attraction?

Can they help me be happier, healthier, wealthier, luckier and more successful?

Find out with George Rhatigan author of ‘Healing With Dreams’ and dream therapist for the past 40 years.

Hosted by Eileen O’Sullivan, George’s apprentice.

George has brought together the various disciplines he has studied over the past 40 years and distilled their essence to create a transformative toolbox with which to help ourselves deal with stress and adversity, thus co-creating a more fulfilling life. He demystifies dreams, healing, chanelling, journaling, colour therapy, tarot reading and many other methods making them safe, grounded and accessible to all who have an interest.

For booking contact 085 7382954 or info@klinkerdin.com

George Rhatigan has helped thousands of people to work with their dreams and bring about healing in all areas of their lives. "Healing with Dreams" reveals George's unique insights and healing methods and provides a practical guide to anyone who would like to start working with their dreams to improve their health, and heal their issues.

Topics covered in this book include:
• Dreams and the Law of Attraction
• How to remember your Dreams
• Techniques for Interpreting Dreams
• How to re-enter your Dreams
• Healing with Dreams
• The Power of Mantras
• Examples of Healing Success
• The 'Personality' of Illness
• Steps to Avoid Chronic Ailments

This book is accessible to the general reader featuring illustrations by psychic artist Marie Herbert and George himself. "Yes, communication and inter-action with your soul is possible and desirable. This can be done through re-entering a dream at any time after having it. This higher, wise and loving aspect of you is, after all, the instigator of your dreams; so what can be wrong with talking to the author? But what can you expect? It sent you into the Earth to occupy a physical body but it did not abandon you here. For eons of years, and over countless lives, it kept in touch with you in dreams- lovingly offering you healing, guidance and support. Now, you can reply to these communications on a conscious level, if you wish." George Rhatigan

Listen to the Podcast

Eileen O’Sullivan is a long time student of George’s and is in his "Training for Trainers" programme.

Plant Healing

Plant Healing

I believe plants, animals and people come into our lives to heal us and for us to heal them. A mutually nourishing relationship that deepens our relationship to each other and the natural world and ultimately to the planet herself. As our awareness and love grows so do we grow spiritually. The following is from the work of George Rhatigan, a Dublin based dream interpreter and healer of 40 years experience, from whom I learnt this technique - healingwithdreams.com

There will be demonstration of this technique at the Plants in Concert ‘Klinkerdin’ event on June 10th 2023 at 8pm

If you’d like a recording demonstrating this healing technique, contact us via the website.

Why Should You Heal Plants?

Good gardeners are often said to have ”green fingers”. Positive energy seems to flow out of their hands. We all have this ability whether we know it or not. The left hand is female and receptive and can remove negative energy from a plant or a body. This can be be enhanced somewhat by holding a magnet in that hand.
The right hand is male and out flowing so it can be used to infuse positive energy into the same area.A clear quartz crystal held in the right hand can improve this. The process can be applied to yourself, other people and animals.

Initially the extraction can take 10-15 minutes. The infusion can usually be done in a shorter time. With kinesiology (using the muscles of your hands to get a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ answer) you can determine when enough energy is extracted. Then go on to the infusion and again test with kinesiology.
However the process can takes weeks to show results . But with practice and patience, healing plants can make you a better gardener, better healer and better person.

Many of us talk to plants and trees. This implies that on some level we accept that they are sentient beings with feelings and awareness. With the use of a short meditation you can tune into the plant and learn how it feels and why it’s ailing. By sensing variations in colour or temperature you can detect where it needs healing . However, if you are healing your own plant you may soon realise that it is reflecting your own habitual thoughts, emotions and negativity. This also applies to our animal pets which, over time develop the ability to soak up our negative energy. They can ‘take on’ our illnesses and become ill themselves. Practising on plants can give us confidence to move on to healing animals and people. In healing them we can heal ourselves. All this can help us be grounded, calm and rooted to the Earth instead of stressing ourselves with pointless worry.

Communicating and healing with Plants, Animals and People

Some plants have developed the ability to be useful to people as food or medicine. Animal pets have learned to heal us by absorbing our negative energy and ‘taking on’ our illnesses. For example dogs can get every human ailment except asthma. People have also developed the ability to heal others. This is called ‘hands on’ healing and we all have it. Kinesiology ( muscle testing) can help us develop and understand how the way we habitually think and feel can make us ill. Connect the thumb and forefinger to make a link as shown in the illustration below. Test for “yes” and “no” by pulling apart the link. Strong resistance = “ yes”. Weak resistance = “no”. Ask ; has this plant (animal, adult or child in my life) any ability to heal me? Can it help me to release habitual, negative emotion which could make me ill?

When you get a “yes” Take three deep breaths and allow a memory to come to mind. Ask yourself “what am I doing to myself because of that memory?” Pause and consider how your health, happiness, relationships, success, etc., might be etc., might be affected by your fear, anger, guilt or whatever. Alternatively ask, “ does this plant (animal, adult or child) in my life need healing from me?” You can heal yourself or any other party by extracting negative energy with the left hand moving anti-clockwise over the affected part and infuse positive energy with the right hand moving clockwise. A magnet held in the left hand and a clear quartz crystal in the right can speed up treatment (not essential). Kinesiology will tell you if enough healing has been achieved for that day. Repeat the process as often as possible. Consider also Sleep Therapy . This can enable parents to hel their children or partners by talking to them as they sleep and/or help them understand and change their dreams.

Plants in Concert

Bord Bia Bloom 2023 - Plants in Concert

Common Ground Event Saturday 10th June

Team | Materials | Technology | Audio Description | Plant List | Plant Map | About

A postcard garden by Klinkerdin Arts Salon & Edible Bray

Plants in Concert is a collaboration between Klinkerdin Arts Salon and Edible Bray, a public trail of community gardens in Bray. Together they have created a horticultural sound art installation where we listen to plants’ internal movements. Plants gurgle, stretch and turn. We hear.

How can we hear this? One of the plants in the garden has sensors attached, which allows reading its electromagnetic impulses, like a heart monitor, with a midisprout gadget translating them into sound. The sounds have been programmed and finetuned by musician Ruaidhrí O’Sullivan. During Bord Bia Bloom Festival 2023, this plant music is streamed and accessible via a QR code.

This multi-sensory experience enables you to see, smell the plants and hear their voices as they grow and respond to their environment. A second QR code links to an audio description of all the garden’s layout. It allows the garden to be accessible to visually impaired people. Indeed it may be an enjoyable addition to anybody’s experience.

See the plants we have chosen here

And the layout of the plants on the stage here

First Fortnight

Challenging mental health prejudice through arts and cultural action

Saturday 11th January 2020
Doors 7.30pm, show begins at 8pm sharp!
Free Admission - drop in anytime during the evening
Venue: Common Ground Bray

Klinkerdin – Performing Arts Salon, presents new talent as well as established artists and performers. For First Fornight, we will have a vibrant mix of theatre, music, poetry, comedy and more. Most of the acts are drawn from the Common Ground membership, a co-operative, community-based group, located in Bray, County Wicklow.

This event explores the themes of young and older people’s experience of depression, how modern life in Ireland impacts that experience, and how we can ‘endure well’ through the transformative power of human connection and artistic expression.

Common Ground Bray is a meeting of hearts and minds to create a sustainable and workable community. Mindfulness, ethics and ecology are at the centre of this shared vision. A contradiction to the isolation, alienation and stress of modern life, Common Ground facilitates connection and open discussion of all aspects of our shared human experience in a compassionate and safe environment. Klinkerdin is the performing arts outlet for these values and ideas.


Culture Night 2019

Culture Night Fringe @ Common Ground

Friday 20th September 6pm – 11.30pm

Free Admission - drop in anytime during the evening

Common Ground is a community-based group, located just off Bray Main Street, dedicated to promoting a co-operative, mindful and ecological lifestyle.

Join us on Culture Night to enjoy an exciting mix of music, film, dance, comedy, drama and visual art at the Klinkerdin live performances and workshops we’re holding throughout the building.

Music - Dance - Poetry - Meditation - Film - Art - Comedy - Storytelling - Workshops - Drama

Tea & Coffee!

Venue: Common Ground, Church Terrace, Bray A98 P3V2
(end of laneway opposite Royal Hotel)

Running Order - PDF of programme - Facebook Event


'Staff Only' is a project formed by the songwriting duo Cian Condren and Oisín Fleming. They've been working away perfecting their material and are now performing to live audiences regularly. With Cian's guitar, Oisin's piano and both their voices they have developed an exciting, hybrid rock/pop sound which is sure to get crowds moving.

'Gumbo and the Ghosts' are a 4 piece band from Dun Laoghaire. They are currently preforming tracks from their unreleased debut album '10 Toes', which is inspired by the likes of Elliot Smith, Yung Lean, Haruomi Hosono, and artwork by Robert Bass.

My name is Hannah Grace, and I'm an 18 year-old singer-songwriter. I've been writing songs for as long as I can remember; there's nothing I love doing more.

For me, writing songs has this sense of real-life magic which has never worn off; because although it is through music that we can feel pain more intensely and have our locked-up memories dusted off and illuminated, it is also a key to our fantasies, where we can escape from our real world and real lives, and forget.

Sheenagh: ‘No matter what I go through in life, I know no experience is wasted as long as it inspires me to write a song about it.’


Novelist and scriptwriter Catherine Brophy will be telling stories about some of her travel adventures. Her theme is Travel Broadens the Mind.


Reclaimed Bead Necklace workshop, led by artist Anna O'Donnell.

'Chalk it up to Experience': Interactive Art, based on the theme of Community, with Oona McFarland.


Lucy is coming to the loft in Common ground to give it a once over. She is one heck of a cleaner and you will certainly see she loves what she does. Armed with her rubber gloves and trusty feather duster she can make any place shine.

Rose Lawless brings her unique blend of burlesque comedy and song.


A 30-minute session involving a brief introduction to Heartfulness, its relationship with the UN Peace Day, and the opportunity to experience Heartfulness relaxation and meditation for oneself. More Info


Visual Art Works displayed in the Common Room, all provided by our wonderfully creative community.


Richard Webb is a member of Abraxas, Bray Writers Group and has read his poems at the Bray Literary Festival and at Bray Arts Group meetings. His poems are mainly inspired by the environment of Wicklow and particularly by experiences when walking in the Wicklow hills. Richard will be reading poems based on some recent personal experiences and events.

Carol Jordan: 'Coming from a psycho theraputic position, I am drawn to exploring difficult psychological processes I like to work a theme through different media often combining visuals, ceramics, photography, print with written and spoken word. This visual work, Trauma, responded to my close friend, Trish Cavanagh's breast cancer journey. Our photos are a collaboration, with the tonality expressing mood. In my ceramics I left the clay bare to show vulnerability, with only oxides to intensify the tones, I worked ritualistically, embodying details like a breast sculpted from sugar - a known carcinogenic and of particular significance to Trish's journey - and I have used strands of her long hair, shaved prior to chemo, to etch the scar of her mastectomy. My Trauma poetry is sound driven and rather savage. In general my poems are embedded in ritual and myth and need to be heard rather than read. My work is highly charged and I aim for a strong emotional response.'


Denise Heeley presents a film focussing on the lives of artists in war torn Sudan, and their role, through civil disobedience, in eventually toppling the dictatorship.


Commoners Theatre presents "The Woods", written and directed by Josh Miller.


The evening will end with a Still Moving Dance, led by the wonderful Joanne Breton.


December 2018

KLINKERDIN Experimental Arts Salon presents


Discourses on Life, the Universe and Everything -
through song, music, art and sound.

Venue: Common Ground, Church Terrace, Bray A98 P3V2
(end of laneway opposite Royal Hotel)

Doors 7.30pm, performances begin at 8pm sharp...we have a lot to get through!

Free Admission

Cabaret Artist and Comedian Rose Lawless is your host for the evening.

We have a fabulous Line Up including the return of the very talented band MEFFI who brought the house down on Culture Night. A group of young people who have some something to say and they SAY it through their own brand of original material.

A rare performance by singer songwriter Sinead O'Brien whose awesome voice and exquisite, poetic sense of story telling marry into an experience that's really special. Sinead also is Common Ground's Drum Circle facilitator.

Trish Cavanagh's lifetime of deeply felt and traumatic experience finds expression in insightful performance and visual art work that brings us through hard places into epiphany in a very held way.

Singer Anne O'Loughlin's rich soulful voice reflects a personal journey of spiritual awakening expressed in voice and sound. She will be accompanied by guitarist Gerry Anderson.

The highly repulsive sound artist Ruaidhrí O'Sullivan is improvising a piece using modular synths and visual experience. The work is inspired by the music of the Krell, made famous by Bebe & Louis Barron in the 1956 classic, Forbidden Planet. I managed to get a reluctant interview with him. That podcast will be available at klinkerdin.com shortly.

Wicklow Screendance Laboratory 2018

Screen Dance is a vibrant, hybrid medium, bringing together Choreography/Dance and short film making.

It creates an experience of dance/choreography that is entirely new by affording the expansion of the choreographer's craft through dedicated time in the dance studio as well as the visual means to transcend the studio and in some cases even the body itself.
This art form includes a wide variety of cinematic styles which vary from visual abstraction through to strict narrative.

An exciting array of Irish and International artists will present both film screening and live dance performances as well as Q & A and discussion sessions, thoroughly exploring this exciting medium.

Costs have been subsidised by the Arts Council of Ireland and other sponsors with the Friday Salon session free and the Mermaid sessions only €6 each or €15 for the all three Saturday sessions.
There is also a student rate of €6 for the whole day.

Booking for Saturday's event via Mermaid Arts Centre

No booking required for Friday's event.

All are welcome.


Culture Night 2018

CULTURE NIGHT @ Common Ground

Friday 21st September 6pm – 11.30pm

Free Admission

Common Ground is a community-based group, located just off Bray Main Street, dedicated to promoting a co-operative, mindful and ecological lifestyle.

Join us on Culture Night for an open evening to learn about the events, classes and activities available for members; and then stay to enjoy an eclectic mix of music, film, dance, comedy and visual art at the Klinkerdin live performance and workshop sessions we’re holding throughout the building.

Music - Dance - Poetry - Meditation - Film - Art - Comedy - Storytelling - Workshops

Tea & Coffee!

Venue: Common Ground, Church Terrace, Bray A98 P3V2
(end of laneway opposite Royal Hotel)

PDF of programme


Retrofix - “A bunch of highbrow savages.." aptly described by our original drummer and poet, Kenny Doran. The band revel in this perceptive one-liner that sums up the band's broad spread of talents and influences.

M.E.F.F.I.(May Everyone Feel Free Inside. Pron. May-fee.) play a diverse range of music genres, such as Indie or Alternative Rock. With band members ranging from 14-16, all of whom are students in Wicklow Sudbury School.

Donal O hAnnain will serenade us with his mellifluous sounds.

Sheenagh & Hannah - The Songwriting Workshop had it's successful first run in Common Ground this Summer, with some incredible young talent from the area taking part. These up and coming songwriters learnt various techniques and skills for writing as well as performing.

Aisling McGowan - Musician/Artiste shares her passion for music in her unique and sensitive style.


Novelist and scriptwriter Catherine Brophy will tell true stories and tall tales. Bring the kids, bring your friends. It will be fun.


Chaos in Harmony - Natural Voice Workshop

Bianca Cobian - A short workshop about self care through sound and breath.

Reclaimed Ballast Glass workshop, led by artist Katherine McNamara, learn to make jewellery from glass.

Bray Beachcomb Wombles - The plan is to create something interesting from the plastic we collected from Bray beach.


Wendy Stephens will become Lucy, our favourite slapstick mime.

Rose Lawless brings her unique blend of burlesque comedy and song.


A 30-minute session involving a brief introduction to Heartfulness, its relationship with the UN Peace Day, and the opportunity to experience Heartfulness relaxation and meditation for oneself. More Info


Visual Art Works displayed throughout the building, all provided by our wonderfully creative community.


TRE (Tension, Trauma Releasing Exercises) is an innovative series of simple exercises which assist the body in releasing deep muscular patterns of stress, tension and trauma by inducing a gentle muscular shaking response.

Common Ground Women's Group - Find out more from Wendy on the night


Rosy Wilson: Poetry Ireland Introductions Poet in 2000, widely published in many magazines, and author of several collections, most recently Going West, Lapwing Publications.

Carol Jordan: 'As poet and artist my work is informed by the ritual, mythic and the geological and interfaces with ritual death, abuse, disintegration and transmutaion.'


John Lawlor presents his acclaimed short, "Sunday".

Abstract works by Oisín McFarland Smith.

Hannah Stephens: Visual Poetry, shooting from the hip.


A screendance presentation by Adrienne Brown, focusing on the work and interpretation of renowned choreographer Martha Graham.

The evening will end with a Still Moving Dance, led by the wonderful Joanne Breton.

Always interesting...

Late Junction


I only came across this programme about 18 months ago, but it's firmly entrenched in my weekly audio diet.

The various presenters (I don't think Radio 3 employ DJs) each have their own tastes and leanings, but there's always something either refreshing, challenging, or both.

Keystep SysEx

Keystep settings

In an effort to be able to adjust the internal settings of the Keystep, but not having regular access to a PC capable of running the MCC, I laboriously copied all the SysEx strings from a window within the MCC, and then tabulated it all into a . PDF.

I posted this on the Arturia forum, and it was downloaded a few times, being useful and all.

However, the post seems to have been removed, possibly Arturia aren't happy with the prospect of people tinkering with the values.

Anyway, I'll leave it here for now.

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