Plant Healing

I believe plants, animals and people come into our lives to heal us and for us to heal them. A mutually nourishing relationship that deepens our relationship to each other and the natural world and ultimately to the planet herself. As our awareness and love grows so do we grow spiritually. The following is from the work of George Rhatigan, a Dublin based dream interpreter and healer of 40 years experience, from whom I learnt this technique -

There will be demonstration of this technique at the Plants in Concert ‘Klinkerdin’ event on June 10th 2023 at 8pm

If you’d like a recording demonstrating this healing technique, contact us via the website.

Why Should You Heal Plants?

Good gardeners are often said to have ”green fingers”. Positive energy seems to flow out of their hands. We all have this ability whether we know it or not. The left hand is female and receptive and can remove negative energy from a plant or a body. This can be be enhanced somewhat by holding a magnet in that hand.
The right hand is male and out flowing so it can be used to infuse positive energy into the same area.A clear quartz crystal held in the right hand can improve this. The process can be applied to yourself, other people and animals.

Initially the extraction can take 10-15 minutes. The infusion can usually be done in a shorter time. With kinesiology (using the muscles of your hands to get a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ answer) you can determine when enough energy is extracted. Then go on to the infusion and again test with kinesiology.
However the process can takes weeks to show results . But with practice and patience, healing plants can make you a better gardener, better healer and better person.

Many of us talk to plants and trees. This implies that on some level we accept that they are sentient beings with feelings and awareness. With the use of a short meditation you can tune into the plant and learn how it feels and why it’s ailing. By sensing variations in colour or temperature you can detect where it needs healing . However, if you are healing your own plant you may soon realise that it is reflecting your own habitual thoughts, emotions and negativity. This also applies to our animal pets which, over time develop the ability to soak up our negative energy. They can ‘take on’ our illnesses and become ill themselves. Practising on plants can give us confidence to move on to healing animals and people. In healing them we can heal ourselves. All this can help us be grounded, calm and rooted to the Earth instead of stressing ourselves with pointless worry.

Communicating and healing with Plants, Animals and People

Some plants have developed the ability to be useful to people as food or medicine. Animal pets have learned to heal us by absorbing our negative energy and ‘taking on’ our illnesses. For example dogs can get every human ailment except asthma. People have also developed the ability to heal others. This is called ‘hands on’ healing and we all have it. Kinesiology ( muscle testing) can help us develop and understand how the way we habitually think and feel can make us ill. Connect the thumb and forefinger to make a link as shown in the illustration below. Test for “yes” and “no” by pulling apart the link. Strong resistance = “ yes”. Weak resistance = “no”. Ask ; has this plant (animal, adult or child in my life) any ability to heal me? Can it help me to release habitual, negative emotion which could make me ill?

When you get a “yes” Take three deep breaths and allow a memory to come to mind. Ask yourself “what am I doing to myself because of that memory?” Pause and consider how your health, happiness, relationships, success, etc., might be etc., might be affected by your fear, anger, guilt or whatever. Alternatively ask, “ does this plant (animal, adult or child) in my life need healing from me?” You can heal yourself or any other party by extracting negative energy with the left hand moving anti-clockwise over the affected part and infuse positive energy with the right hand moving clockwise. A magnet held in the left hand and a clear quartz crystal in the right can speed up treatment (not essential). Kinesiology will tell you if enough healing has been achieved for that day. Repeat the process as often as possible. Consider also Sleep Therapy . This can enable parents to hel their children or partners by talking to them as they sleep and/or help them understand and change their dreams.